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Guess365 is a professional service provider which specializing in statistical analysis and Information Technology. With the valuable experience that we worked with our clients and the solid theoretical fundamentals, we are able to provide the most cost efficiency and customized solutions for our customers. 

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About us

Data science & Statistics

To apply data science to help customers improve the performance of data analysis and to enhance their decision making

Customized service

To become the leader of analytic solution providers who fullfill customers’ needs better than our competitors

Sustainable development

To act as a sustainable business, which continue to grow, to care, and be full of cultures

Friendly workplace

To provide a pleasant working environment, learn experience and earn profit with the company together



Information exchange platform


Customized software service

Members of Guess365

  • Walt
  • Kevin
  • Davis
  • Amy
  • Wisely
  • Tim
  • Rick
  • MS in Statistics and Actuarial science of U of Iowa、MS in Statistics of NCKU
  • Worked at semiconductor industry、gambling company、data scientist in start-up
  • Focus on team directions of Guess365
  • MS in Industrial management of NCKU
  • Worked at solar industry as top IT head
  • Focus on IT affairs of Guess365
  • BS in Mathematics of NCU
  • Worked at Car industry as IT/Sales manager 
  • Handling marketing affairs of Guess365
  • MS in IMBA of NCKU
  • Worked at panel industry as IT/procurement member
  • Worked at telecommunication industry as Sales
  • Handling sales affairs of Guess365
  • MS in Statistics of U of Columbia、MS in Economics of NTU
  • Worked at foreign bank as Quan trade manager
  • Statistical and financial consultant of Guess365
  • BS in computer science of KSU
  • Consultant and web engineer of Guess365
  • Senior consultant for well-known IT company

• Master’s degree at NKUST 
• Data engineer of Guess365  

employee benefit

We offer a friendly working environment, you can learn and develop skilled IT knowledge and statistical methodologies with teammates. To join us if you are a person who are interested in sports and startup business.


Free snack / drink all days


One day work from home each month


Working tired?

 you can watch sports TV show anytime, and enjoy it 🙂


No clock in/out, all we need is responsibility

Job opportunity

The background of our teammates are professional, including finance、statistics and computer science. The goal of team is to develop statistical model and integrate diverse IT technique to solve real world issues.



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